The Joe's Truck Wash

We wash fleets of trucks, buses, school buses, vans, cars, tractors, trailers,heavy equipment. We wash your vehicles right where they sit
and you never have to move them. Our truck moves around the yard making washing and cleaning so very easy and simple.

Our specially designed wash trucks are one of a kind. They carry 3,500 gallons of water, we can heat the water to 220 degrees
and deliver it at 1 psi to 4,000 psi and pump anywhere from 1 gpm to 40 gpms.

When required, we cover the storm drains and vacuum up the rinse water for disposal.

We take great pride in being the best and delivering quality at a competitive cost no one else can come close to.

Your truck is washed using our own blend of PH neutral detergent that can"t damage any surface, regardless of how long it is left on.

Our brooms and brushes are specially designed for vehicle use and are scratch free.

Sponges are used when brooms and brushes are unsuitable. If a driver requests a "sponge wash" an additional fee will be charged.



Wheels and chassis are blasted with high volume water to remove dirt and grit. Vehicle is sprayed with detergent.

Our dedicated team clean the following areas using brooms, brushes and sponges. All glass areas,
front and sides of cab, chrome exhaust stacks, wheels, fuel tanks, mud guards, tool boxes and rear
doors of the back trailer with special attention to light cluster and warning signs.

With non-scratch scouring pad & Soft brushes scrub trailer curtain / sides. High pressure /high volume water
blasts dirt and grime from vehicle, concentrating on wheel / chassis areas.

Finally, Spotless fresh water arches rinse vehicle clean.


Professional Clean : You will get a professional clean because we are using the correct chemical,
we are washing indoors and using correct washing techniques. A clean truck is the best billboard for your company!

Environmentally friendly : we treat and dispose of the waste water from washing trucks and vehicles.
Washing vehicles at your own premises and disposing of the waste water incorrectly or
down a storm water drain can carry a severe infringement fine.

Trucks are driven immediately : Trucks are driven immediately after washing -
this dries out the brakes and prevents corrosion on the discs and drums.


Tyre Revival with silicon professionally applied by our trained staff.

Tar removal

High Pressure box washout.





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